John is a composer, producer and songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Writing heartfelt, honest music that has the power to connect, combined with his years of experience as producer and mix engineer has seen him become a one stop shop for delivering unique and affecting soundtracks and albums.

From orchestrating records at Abbey Road to writing advertising music in New York, to showcasing his band Tenderfoot at Soho Houses across the US, his music has taken him all over the world. He has scored successful campaigns for clients including QANTAS, AMEX, Sydney Opera House, Hello Fresh, Dollar Shave Club, Comcast, Honey, Harley Davidson, Gold Coast Tourism, Hungry Jacks and more. His score for Super Cheap Auto’s ‘Mission Improbable’ Campaign contributed to the piece winning ‘Best Integrated Marketing Campaign’ at the 2020 World Retail Awards. His work for library companies has seen his tracks gain thousands of placements across a wide variety of TV shows, films, trailers and ads.

As the frontman and lead singer of the Australian band Tenderfoot, his voice is instantly recognisable. If you lend a keen ear you’ll hear nods to his favourites, a bit of Justin Vernon, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Chris Martin.

As a producer, he developed Australian artist Andy Golledge, subsequently seeing Andy sign with I OH YOU records. John produced both Andy’s debut EP ‘Namoi’ and debut album ‘Strength Of a Queen’, as well as the 2018 Americana Music Prize of Australia winning track ‘1170’.

As a film composer, John recently scored his first feature, ‘Tall Poppy’, a biopic about the life of Australian Olympic Skateboarder Poppy Starr Olsen, following her life journey from early age up until the Toyko 2021 Olympics. John has also worked under David Holden on the U.S film ‘Saving Paradise’.

Now living back in his hometown of Sydney, John has his own high end production space at the Viking Lounge suites in Ultimo, equiped with the highest grade conversion and monitoring.

In a former life he was also an Industrial Designer, and the creator of SongCatcher, the first iOS DAW app to market, featuring the innovative tech of Audio to MIDI conversion, allowing users to sing ideas into their phones and have instruments play them back to them.